Santa Paula and hitting the Pacific with Henry

Catching up ….

Wednesday April 25th 2018.

Breakfast today was at the airport Flight 126 cafe. Obviously very popular. It was busy when I arrived and busier when I left. Portion size’s are large!


Henry’s Bumble Bee Revo and the BZIM


A tight squeeze

Santa Paula airport is a fantastic little airport with a real friendly vibe. Many interesting aircraft are flown from this popular private airport.


Peggy Watson-Meinke and husband run a hot air balloon flight experience company called StarLite Balloon flights based on the airfield. Peggy’s hanger is next to where the BZIM was staying, in Henry’s hanger. Jealously, I learned, not only  do they operate their business from the airport, but they actually live at the airport, in the hanger. This isn’t a unique set-up I was told, but it was sure a new one to me. This allows people to live, breath and sleep their passion.  I thank Peggy for showing me her home, allowing me to take some pictures and for showing me round the Aviation Museum on the airfield, that was actually closed during my visit.


25 04 2018 Santa Paula IMG_4716

25 04 2018 Santa Paula Mike and Henry

Me, the BZIM and a fantastic host and friend Henry

Haze and low cloud towards the coastline had been a feature since arriving at Santa Paula, but with conditions due to improve later in the afternoon, it was now time to hit the Pacific coast, with Henry and his “Bumble Bee” Revo.


Pacific ahead!

25 04 2018 Santa Paula GOPR0171_MP4

Henry’s view

25 04 2018 Santa Paula GOPR0516_MP425 04 2018 Santa Paula GOPR0520_MP4


Henry catching up


Sports pitches are great if you ever get lost


More of Ventura

25 04 2018 Santa Paula GP010171_MP425 04 2018 Santa Paula GP010477_MP4


Over that Pacific north of Ventura


25 04 2018 Santa Paula GP010520_MP425 04 2018 Santa Paula GP010531_MP425 04 2018 Santa Paula GP010532_MP425 04 2018 Santa Paula GP010532_MP4-225 04 2018 Santa Paula GP020516_MP4




Stunning property



Santa Barbara marina



Henry downwind Santa Paula

Seeing two whales and calf during the return leg from Santa Barbara was the icing on the cake of another fantastic day!


Coast 1 .. check … Coast 2 .. check .. Coast 3 … coming soon…

Although the BZIM arrived in Santa Paula, California, as planned yesterday 24th April, part one of the trip wasn’t complete until the BZIM and I flew over the Pacific Ocean. So, it was with great pleasure, I had my host, Henry Trikelife, accompany me on the flight, from Santa Paula to Santa Barbara and return flying out to and over the Pacific. Henry’s videos are truly inspirational…. It’s his fault!




The Pacific, feet wet at Ventura