At least I flew a little further…

Tuesday April 17th 2018

The forecast Monday evening, for Tuesday was not good. The morning weather briefing was no better. A full FAA weather brief for each flight is generated at, a (the?) FAA approved flight briefing portal.

Forecast winds, from the south were 45mph at 2000ft. A sigmet  (a weather advisory containing significant weather information) had been published for low level wind shear (LWS) below 6000ft, and another for moderate turbulence at lower levels. At Livingston, the winds were calm at sunrise, but due to increase quickly during the day to be gusting 25/30mph by 10am. My destination, Navasto (60R) had a similar actual and forecast report. Probably best to wait this out until things improve.


Go for it, ride the winds and get to Navasto BEFORE the winds pick up…..


The calmness is obvious from the reflection


Thin layer of haze seen where the air is smoother

Upon landing at Navasota it was obvious the gusting winds were picking up again, so after a quick taxi around the whole airfield, the BZIM found a sheltered location from southerly wind, behind some hangers. Just in case the wind directions changed, the wing was lowered and tied down.

IMG_0779.CR2The flight to Navasota had taken 1hr 25 minutes to cover just over 60 miles. Not long after the BZIM arrived, Mike from Spinner Aviation arrived. Mike, also a pilot, was keen to find out all about my journey. We also discussed his vacation flight with his father, crossing the Atlantic in his fathers impressive TBM. This happened during 2016. It was encouraging to hear of his experience when he visited Prestwick airport on his westbound return leg. “The service and amenities were some of the best encountered on the trip.”


Mike from Spinner Aviation and his dad’s TBM

27651949268_cf424c0c49_kMike was then kind enough to provide access to the airports courtesy car. He  recommended the “Classic Rock” restaurant for breakfast, which was heartily devoured. Navasota, in Grmmes County Texas, is known  as the Blues capital of Texas, something very apparent from the decor of the restaurant inside and out.41479584032_b2ccd3c21f_k


Winds were forecast to subside by evening. After a few hours hanging around the airport, Mike offered the airport car and suggested a visit to the birthplace of Texas, in Washington-on-the-Brazos state park, a few miles up the road.




Back to Navasota again, Larry from Air Photos USA introduced himself. He produces canvas prints of aircraft ‘in flight’. Offering to produce on for the BZIM, I had to decline due to logistics, but I promised I’d plug his product instead.


Larry from Air Photo USA



More watching the military play in the pattern.

By 7pm it was obvious the winds were not going to subside in time to get anywhere, so a night in Navasota it was. Time was well spent and enjoyable hanging around Navasota airport, visiting the town and soaking up some history, thanks mainly to Mike and Spinner Aviation.

At least I flew a little further …..

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Slowly getting there

My deepest thanks go again to Gary Berdeaux for all his help, and the laughs!

Today started in Jack Edwards, Alabama, slowly followed by a 50 minute flight to Denton (Dauphin Island). A 4 hour 22 minute flight to False River, followed by a 1 hour 5 minute flight to Eunice. Finally, 2 hours 40 minutes and night stopping at Livingston Texas

8 Hours 57 minutes flying time to cover 450 miles gave an average of 50 mph flying speed. This would have been less, had the gains late in the afternoon not taken place.

Short post today as hoping for a very early start tomorrow. High winds will ground me again later this week, unless the forecast has improved, so updates and pictures will follow.