Cedar Key and Ms Judy

From this post on-wards, where possible images, in the post will be duplicated in a gallery at the bottom. This will allow clicking on the gallery image, and a full size image will display in a new window. Older posts will be updated later.


Approaching Cedar Key (CDK) from the south west, the airfield is at the far left of the connected chain of land.


Overflying at 1500ft, joining downwind for runway 5 was pleasing to the eye. Winds from the east though caused a fair bit of rotor low to the ground and the BZIM floated a bit further down the runway than anticipated. Still a massive amount of space for the BZIM, used to a small grass airfield.


Upon landing a voice came over the Radio, “You’ll be wanting a taxi” in a deep south American accent. “Yes please” i repield.

Thanks to Ms Judy, two trips to fill up my external tank were made, a third trip to fill my rumbling belly.

During these trips, three other aircraft arrived Ms Judy ferrying us back and forwards into town.


On the final journey Ms Judy gave a quick tour of the area. Describing how things had changed over her time, due to storms and “them up there in New York” buying up the property. Property prices went up, taxes went up and cost of living went up, forcing many who work in the area to move in land, and commute.





Returning to the airport, sitting eating my burger and fries, it felt sad to be leaving such a beautiful area so quickly. I could have sat there all day relaxing!



Leave I must though. A nasty storm was being predicted for when I was expected to be in the Mississippi area, so perhaps it could be avoided by heading south towards Houston, and getting ahead if it. Otherwise, there was a strong chance of being grounded until the 23rd April!? I needed to be further on by this point. (or so I was thinking).

Departing Cedar Key, Ms Judy asked me to do flypast, which I gladly obliged with.


Ms Judy

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