Arcadia (X06) and towards Lakeland (LAL)

Continuing Tuesday 10th April…

Just need the fog to lift…

26571257827_84a154e56d_k.jpgbut before it did the BZIM was moved near the undercover seated area to take some snaps.IMG_0137IMG_0140The entire campground was built from donations and hard work. No federal money was afforded, nor any local government funds made available to the group. The work was all done by a small number of volunteers, mostly pilots or ex-pilots.IMG_0136The Friends of Arcadia Airport should be very proud of what has been accomplished, and they deserve the support of pilots from across the United States and even those abroad.27567631008_1a0f093e62_k.jpg


I wonder if the BZIM was the first international visitor to the camp-ground?

Not long after sunrise, George arrived, knowing the BZIM was grounded by the fog. An offer to go for breakfast was accepted along with a visit to a gas station (that’s a petrol station in UK lingo). 😉

A topping up of unleaded fuel, using the BZIM’s ‘ferry’ tank, helped to balance out the Avgas/unleaded fuel proportions. If the Rotax 912 80hp can be fed with at least a 50% proportion of unleaded fuel, the oil change schedule is every 100 hours. If more than 50% is Avgas, then the oil change schedule is every 50 hours.

Eventually, snippets of blue sky could be seen above, so it was time to say goodbye to Arcadia and George.


Up bright and early …

…too early, 0330 local. I was up and wandering around in the dark. Body clock obviously doesn’t know I am in the USA, but my body temperature sure does.

Plan is.. OK was, to get an early start and get into lakeland before the traffic or thunderstorms… So everything packed away for sunrise and….


I’ll hold off the story of the first day, other than to once again thank Mr John and Diane Roberts at Homestead. Without the top up fluids I can only imagine the cramps I had in both hands and arms, whilst flying, would have been a lot worse. Diane, an extra thanks for driving to Budget car rental and bring me back to the airport, a much needed time saver.

And at Arcadia, my thanks to George and Joyce Chase, for driving out to the airport to welcome me, and, for droping me off in town for a bite to eat. I needed that steak!

Arcadia airport boasts a purpose built, self funded (by friends of arcadia airport) camping ground for pilots and aircraft. A much needed shower was had, thanks to the superb facilities.

Just need the fog to lift….